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Caught Between The Rock 
and a That Hard Place!  
        Devotional Thoughts on how to choose to           become the warrior for the Lord, rather       than sitting by and losing the battles in your life.
Allowing God's Marvelous Light to Penetrate Our Dark Soul

It seems as though I have fought such intense battles lately!  In fact, it has 
seemed that each day is just another part of one continuous battle.  When
Christ says that “I am the light of the world”, you have no idea what you are 
in for when you embrace Him.  His light is so penetrating.  I have battled with 
sins my whole life.  Some I have desired to get rid of immediately, some I have
 not.  Often I believed a lie that I was a good person and my sins weren’t so bad!  
I believed that I deserved some level of success, because of the things that I 
have done well in my life.  But I have found that the penetrating light of Christ 
has revealed new dark crevices in my life.  Sins that I have not seen as “so bad” 
or sins that I have not really wanted to deal with and when Christ began to shine 
his light on those dark places in me, it was alarming, no unnerving, even terrifying.  
My flesh fights so hard to stay alive, my old man has such a foot hold in some 
places that I did not want even to call those sins what they were!  But God’s 
glorious, but terrible light has brought me to a new place in which I began to see
 all of my world through the lens of what I would lose if I let this sin continue in my 
life.  It was difficult for me to admit to myself that what I was doing was indeed 
EVIL and WICKED.  It was nothing that I wanted to admit to, but as Christ shone 
his light on me, I found that it was true.  Peter says that the Jews are indeed 
unique, chosen, set apart nation, which God has used to praise Him through 
rescuing them from darkness into his light.  1 Peter 2:9 says,  “ But ye are a 
chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that 
ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into 
his marvellous light;”  It is in my hope that Christ may use some of the parts of my 
journey to help others and that my journey from darkness will indeed bring others 
to praise God, as I am learning in a meager way to do each day.


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